About the Shop

Hello philanthropist! Welcome to Rescue and Relief Foundation Online Shopping where you can shop and surf bundles of joy, and simultaneously gifting happiness to a child. Let us take you to a trip so that you get to know us and our work up close. Shall we?

Rescue and Relief Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to build an egalitarian society, free of discrimination and equal to everybody. We strive to uplift the conditions of underprivileged and deprived sections, especially focusing on the conditions and positions of women in our society.

This platform is created not just for product sales or marketing. this whole initiative has a bigger goal which concerns the well-being of our beneficiaries, the outcast or deprived mass, small-scale craftsmen, entrepreneurs, other such people of different background and fields. Providing opportunities and help to the needy, helpless people, giving voice to the voiceless ones, in order to uplift their condition in the society as well as make the organization Self-sustaining to reach and help more people.

How are we different from other e-commerce sites?

Unlike other E-commerce websites, the profit earned, will be solely utilized for the welfare and betterment of our beneficiaries and the underprivileged, deprived sections of the society, so that they can get back to the mainstream society. We aim and work towards bringing a real change in the society. This is not just any other project for marketing and product sales. the main objective is to enhance the conditions of our beneficiaries, the society, as a whole and grow as a self-standing organization to provide for our beneficiaries without other dependency.

This is that little step towards a great change which will lead to greater and bigger future.

Through the business that we will be generating, a lot of job opportunities will be created, for the deprived young adults as well as underprivileged craftspersons.

Hence, not only booming these sectors of the society economically, but also enriching them by influencing the people with these artisans’ cultural inheritance. Due to machines and advanced technology, these people have lost their place in the society and industrial emergence has been a major malefit for the growth of this profession.

As a result not only our organization will be sustaining by itself but also we will be able to generate the work force for the development of this nation.
The outcast ones will now be contributing to the welfare of this society that rejected them, making a change not only economically but also changing the mindset of this society towards them. Hence giving them more acceptance in the mainstream society.

Now, a big part about self sustaining of this organization comes from the brilliance of young entrepreneurs. The way of their thinking and execution of ideas can bring about a huge change in everyone’s lives. Through our e-commerce module these young entrepreneurs will get a platform to showcase their ideas and create an impact in the market.

As an e-commerce firm requires different sectors to function simultaneously we will be able to create opportunities for the young adults in different sectors by enhancing their unique skill sets. This will not only help them to get employed but also create an opportunity where they can learn, polish their skills and thrive.

In conclusion, this is a small initiative, the first little step of a great staircase, towards the making and integration of a bigger and better future.

Our Belief:

To Create an Equalitarian society where everyone has equal rights, get what they deserve, be self-dependent, be confident, have a voice of their own, have faith in themselves and be accepted and treated like the rest of us.

The main idea is to make the young adults self-standing and responsible so that they don’t remain contingent on us and can earn what they rightfully deserve and get all the necessary chances and opportunities to build their own future.

Along with our beneficiaries, there are also other deprived young adults who are seeking a deserving opportunity, struggling to create a ground to stand on and make a livelihood for themselves. Due to lack of resources, amenities, facilities, they do not get the chance to showcase their skills and talents and be recognized or included in the mainstream society. They remain the inferior outcasts, backward class who do not fit according to societal norms. We are providing a platform for them as well, so that they can also be independent, do not feel inferior or as outcasts who are not accepted.

We are including people from and of different fields to engage and also provide a platform for them to be recognized and showcase their talents and utilize their skills.


  • To provide opportunity to our beneficiaries, who are potential young adults, so that they can be self-dependent and make a future of their own.
  • To give chance to the deprived sections who are struggling and failing because of lack of facilities and privileges.
  • To bring back and highlight craftsmanship and also uplift the work of arts and crafts amongst the mass. providing opportunities for the people who are pushed to the corners due to technological demands and modern emergence.
  • To be self-sustaining as an organization so that we do not have to always depend on our donors for the welfare of our beneficiaries. Self-dependency as an organization is integral as we aim to save and ameliorate the conditions of our beneficiaries, as they are our family too.


The burning question is that why shall the citizens choose us over other popular e-commerce sites? Suppose the profit earned by other such well-known sites are used for their own gain and improvement. whereas whatever earning is acquired (even if there is no profit) by us, it shall be utilized for the welfare of our beneficiaries and other deprived sections.

Buyers’ (POV) query answered:

One can purchase from any other known sites for product quality and other security reasons, but say if purchasing a T-shirt, can help a child go to school, wouldn’t you prefer that? Wouldn’t you think about that? The one little materialistic purchase could change and save a child’s life, bring a smile, fill an empty stomach, help them be like the rest of us. wouldn’t you want that to happen, to know, and get that satisfaction from just making a life easier and better?

Sellers’ (POV) query answered:

By selling here, you are providing and giving the opportunities to many underprivileged people. you make an impact and a small step towards a bigger change. The dealer’s commission helps a child to study, get formal schooling, and not only that. if successful they will get job opportunities as well.
R&R Self-Sustaining Program

Foundation of a sustainable model will allow the organization to grow and extend its roots so that we can reach more helpless people. The idea of a self-sustaining organization is to make ourselves be able enough to run the projects and support and increase our beneficiaries without being completely dependent on the donors.

For instance, we have several consistent donors, but after 10-20 years, would that dependency result in same support? Would the support be there after a decade or more?

Donors are our extended family members but we cannot totally rely on them as future is uncertain and there is no particular knowledge of what might happen afterwards.

The goal is to be self-reliant as an organization for the welfare of our beneficiaries and other such helpless, needy people.

To achieve that, we need that social participation and it’s a win-win or a two-way opportunity. You get happiness, you gift happiness. you smile, you make a child smile, thereof we smile.

Here’s to Happy Shopping! Best Wishes!


Rescue and Relief is mainly working to improve the conditions of the underprivileged and deprived sections, especially the conditions of women in the society. We are geared towards mitigating the social issues, spreading awareness and uplifting the conditions of helpless, especially children and women. We are working towards bringing a change, by ameliorating the conditions of the underprivileged and distressed women and preventing the issues pertaining to Trafficking. Our aim is to build an egalitarian society, elevating the positions of women and children in our society.

We have an Institutional care facility or The Home for child victims aged 0-18 at Narendrapur near Kolkata sheltering about 150 girl children on average. It gives refuge to: a) girl children rescued from prostitution, b) girl children of women involved in prostitution. In addition to shelter and basic amenities and education, economic, psychological, and legal help is provided to them so that they can get back to the mainstream of society.

We also have Crisis centres for children of women involved in prostitution who are given shelter while their mothers are engaged in that profession. along with that we also have Drop-in centres adjacent to Crisis centre where children of both sex workers and other slum dwellers nearby are given assistance for education so that they remain out of the vice and lead a normal healthy life in the future. All the children are sent to formal schooling from kindergarten to class 10. In the evening, coaching and tuition is provided to these children. Also in the ICDS (Ministry of Women and Child Development) programs like polio vaccination, etc., are carried out in the morning. These also function as child protection units monitoring against trafficking.

In addition to these, We also have Orphanage and Elderly care homes, Youth Rehabilitation Homes, and a home for Special children, where we aim to also provide them with a suitable job so that they can be independent as well and we can take in more children like them.

Other than this we run and support projects for the treatment of children affected by cancer, many vocational training programs at some of the aforementioned projects.

Rescue and Relief Foundation has taken an initiative to help poverty-stricken but meritorious students, who have worked hard irrespective of their extremely scarce resources, we help these students with Fooding and Lodging at a facility in Belgharia. Currently, approx. 20 students are being benefited. But we aim to expand this facility in the near future and help more such students who really have the potential to be successful in the future.

In total, our organization is presently catering to the needs of above 750 beneficiaries in some form or the other.

Rescue and Relief Foundation follows strict ethical codes and total transparency is maintained for all the financial transactions. Exact details, financial & specifics of objectives achieved, and project reports are always shared with our well-wishers.